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If you want to explore Pula’s coast by yourself you can visit our Kayak Centar Pula and rent kayak. For families with small kids the best offer is 3 seats kayak, child seats in the middle and enjoys while adults are paddling. Perfect offer for group of friends or adventurous family is double kayak where everyone paddle. Double kayak is also suitable for child with adult. If you are an individual, you can rent a kayak for one person.


Single kayak

Double kayak

3 seats kayak


15€ (112,95kn)

18€ (135,54kn)

20€ (150,60kn)


22€ (165,66kn)

26€ (195,78kn)

27€ (203,31kn)


40€ (301,20kn)

45€ (338,85kn)

47€ (353,91kn)

Kayak tour

Islands, cliff and cave tour (3h)

Sunset tour (1.5h)

Student tour


45€ (338,85kn) per person

30€ (225,90kn) per person

For reservation and offer please contact us

fixed conversion rate 1€ = 7.53450 kn


30€ (225.90kn) per child (till age 12)

20€ (150,60kn) per child (till age 12)