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Paddle into adventure and explore Pula’s long history and beautiful coast through kayaking, snorkeling and swimming.

Everyone is welcomed, the only important thing is your will to do something new and adventurous

What our visitors say about us

Delighted with the first ride in a kayak. Kudos to the staff, the young gentleman was extremely kind and explained everything with a smile for the first ride and a wonderful experience, all recommendations! 🙂

Josipa L.


We had a wonderful kayak ride for 2 people, to the nearby islands. We were given a waterproof bag in which we put our wallets and mobile phones. Excellent prices and very friendly staff.

Matteo C.


Thank you very much for a wonderful and informative tour! My friend and I had a lot of fun. I can only recommend Kayak Center Pula to everyone. All guides are super friendly and helpful.

Stephanie B.